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We recommend Austin Executive Academy experienced, mature, and skilled executive professionals initially implement a calibration.

We have consultants certified to conduct, debrief, and provide consulting followup on Leadership Circle 360 Executive Profiles, Management Profiles, and Corporate Culture Profiles.
The Leadership Circle Profile™ is the only 360-degree assessment that measures leadership competencies and the inner assumptions that drive behavior.

Nothing can derail a project faster than misdirected, detached, or toxic dialogue. When values and goals are not reflected in interactions, a team's dialogue and productivity will deteriorate.

The reality of an organization is defined by it's dialogue. Words in interactions have an enormous power to create or derail, to enhance or depreciate the potential for success.

If the dialogue of your organization is couched in obscurity and being exchanged by persons who are disengaged, that organization is not living up to full potential. It may even be quietly faltering. Left unheeded, these signals can point to cost overruns, and even catastrophic mistakes. Invested dialogue vitalizes a culture.
Our dialogue assessment begins with a Leadership Profile. The viability of an organization depends on informed, assertive, dedicated, and emotionally intelligent leadership.

Our Dialogue Diagnostic includes comprehensive program with proven tools to coach your team members in very specific processes to develop and inspire potentials for success.
From conception, planning and design, to implementation, safety, and operation, every project depends heavily on a dependable, transparent, and invested flow of information.
Whether through our highly informed professional assessments, or using our specific Dialogue Dimension Diagnostic™ tools, we can evaluate team/project dialogue dynamics and recommend strategic steps designed to greatly improve dialogue outcomes.
Tired of treating symptoms of dysfunctional organization dynamics? Want to cut back on the number of mistakes, misunderstandings, and misdirections?
Frustrated with efforts to try to incentivize disinvested people?
OR- Want to make sure your organization doesn't fall into the traps just mentioned? Opt for an organization Culture Profile that gives a solid benchmark of where to look to head off problems.
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